An outline of the day

We've developed an agenda that helps you create an action plan for the next stage of your business journey.


What could accelerate growth?

  • Is there too much 'noise' in the business?
  • Are you focussing on the right things?

What does good look like?

  • What is the vision and what are the goals?
  • We explore this for you, your team and the business.
  • We challenge you to see what is possible.

How close to your goals are you?

  • Are you already on track, if not what needs to change and how?
  • We bring in external benchmarks for competitor companies in your space.
  • With a focus on Brand, Sales, Marketing and People

We create your plan.

  • Simple, practical and with measures and responsibilities for each of your team.
  • Ideas get turned into actions, we make sure the day doesn't become just a day out.
  • If appropriate, GHW&Co can support you on delivering the plan, with our sleeves rolled up practical approach.

All of our sessions are available either in person or online.

What our clients think

I'd recommend GHW&Co to anybody. What they do is incredible. Amazing experience. Amazing people.
Phil Vickery, MBE, Businessman and rugby legend
Over the last 3 years the team have helped us go from £4m to £9m turnover and grow into a new state of the art premises. I can honestly say that none of that would have been possible without GHW.
Nick Rogers, Tech Entrepreneur
Their process focuses the mind. It's beautiful in its simplicity and profound in its effect.
John Workman, Head of Law Firm & Corporate Lawyer
The workshops are a brilliant opportunity to sit down away from the office with a friendly team of experts, analyse what you do as a business and plan ahead.
Ian Herbert, Aviation Software Entrepreneur
Adrian Gill

Adrian Gill

Sales & Marketing

Adrian is a serial entrepreneur who has launched, grown, bought and sold several businesses and was MD of the UK's fastest growing marketing agency.

He’s classically trained with 20+ years experience in sales and marketing and specialises in getting sales and marketing to work together.

Adrian specialises in the theory and psychology of sales and putting them into practice with robust and proven techniques that will transform your business development.

Guy Harris

Guy Harris

Strategy & Planning

Guy is a former CEO of a PLC marketing agency and MD of several successful SMEs with experience of growing, selling and buying businesses.

He has developed sales and marketing strategies for global brands in the UK and the US and now uses his big business thinking to help SMEs to scale and grow.

He understands how to bring all parts of your business together with a plan that integrates sales and marketing with operational capability.

Andy Wheatley

Andy Wheatley

Brand & Comms

Andy is a former MD of the largest brand consultancy in the world with a wealth of experience helping businesses to grow.

He applies his knowledge of working with global brands to help SMEs. He keeps things simple and effective by removing all the usual noise and nonsense that gets in the way.

A typical game-keeper turned poacher, Andy has helped some of the UK’s fastest growing businesses to build their brands and punch above their weight.

Guy Harris

Professor Joe Devlin

Psychology and Neuroscience

Joe is a global leading authority on understanding human behaviour. Currently head of Psychology and Neuroscience at UCL, having previously been at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities

Joe works closely with Adrian Gill on high end training and workshops for business leaders and senior sales teams.

Contact Us

For more information and to find out if we are right for each other, contact Adrian Gill for a chat. Call 0844 443 5636


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